ISMS Policy

Interlink Telecom Company Limited had implemented the security of the data. According to the information security management standard (ISO / IEC 27001), to maintain the confidentiality, accuracy and usability of data is therefore the policy of security of the data.

1. To encourage employees and supervisors. Implement and manage information security effectively.

2. Requiring supervisors to support and authorize the staff to manage the security of the data used in the work area.

3. To perform communication Policy or framework for the purpose of information security (ISMS Framework) to all employees in the organization.

4. Capacity Plan every year to support business growth.

5. A management measure to ensure the security of information put into practice effectively.

6. Information security is part of the strategy of the company. To increase market share

7. The continued development as part of the goals of the organization.

8. Management Review every year.In order to improve the quality of service.

9. The demands of Customers Interested parties legal or regulatory obligations under the contract. Be put into practice If not inconsistent with the business and technical requirements.

10. Routine maintenance the Information Data Center. And continuously improving quality services.