Domestic Services

Interlink Telecom offers its Domestic data communication service to customer that, enabling reliable, high performance connectivity and one of the best customer service for excellent customer experience. Apart from that Interlink Telecom also offers a differentiate solution by fully diversified fiber optic routing via Railway route, also as to cater for your future expansions and achieve cost savings in the future

Interlink MPLS IP-VPN

Increase your Network Performance and Efficiencies with Interlink MPLS IP-VPN

Interlink Wavelength

Securely Transmit “Big Bandwidth” to Ensure Maximum Performance for Low Latency

Interlink Dark Fiber

Fully Control and Flexibility with Unlimited on the Technology and Bandwidth on Demand

International Services

Interlink Telecom offers International data communication service to customer by connecting the Fiber Optic Network to international carrier providers in order to extend the connectivity to the world.

Interlink IPLC

Connected to Any Location on Request with Maximum Service Availability

Interlink Wavelength

A single point of contact for An International transmission access service