Data Service

Interlink MPLS IP-VPN

Interlink MPLS IP-VPN is a virtual private network (VPN) service that transmits data using the MPLS (Multi-Protocol Label Switching) technology. Resulting in a virtual circuit and can connect between multi point to multi point in the organization together without sending data back to process at central location and can also specify order of magnitude (class of service).

MPLS IP-VPN will help customers decrease the cost of leasing communication circuits that connect between offices and will help increase the convenience of customer network connection in many areas.

Which do not need to reserve private circuits all the time, allowing customers to use the full value and efficiency.

In addition, the company can manage Data transmission with Network Management System (NMS). In order to inspect and control the operation of all related devices within the whole network and can help manage equipment in the part of the user as well. If have objections the data can be automatically redirected to the alternate route within a short amount of time (less than 50 milliseconds), Therefore can be confident that the service will be in a normal state in 24 hours.

The Interlink MPLS IP-VPN is suitable for customer groups who requires multi point to multi point connectivity, such as for connection within an organization with more than 2 locations, such as banks, securities businesses, department stores, supermarket, etc.

The technology also caters to customers requiring more than 1 type of data transmission, such as voice, video, data or internet. In addition, the Company is able to service the type I and type II telecommunications business operator license that requires multi point connections to service their end user.

And with connection to additional equipment, service can be expanded into voice over MPLS, video conference over MPLS, high definition broadcasting, etc.

Strengths of Interlink MPLS’s IP-VPN

  1. 1. Installed by the whole fiber optic cable network system which can increase or decrease speed without having to change the type of cable.
  2. 2. Stable, secure, and highly efficient, same the Leased Line, Frame Relay, and Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM).
  3. 3. Can prioritize each application and can send images, sounds, data and internet connection according to customer needed and guarantee the service quality as QoS specified.
  4. 4. Using a Ring Topology network connection for network stability and for maximum efficiency while using and if the network fails at any point, the others will still provide service as usual.
  5. 5. Automatic route procurement system in case of certain routes failing. (Back Up Circuit)
  6. 6. The main network can support large connections up to 10 Gbps.
  7. 7. The company can connect to users devices immediately for solving problems and helping from a central location.
  8. 8. Able to choose a variety of connection technology (Access) such as Fast Ethernet/ Gigabit Access, Leased Line etc. Without separate the network system, making the customer easy to care and repair.