Sustainable Business Operation

Sustainable Business Operation

Driving Business for Sustainability of ITEL

The business operation of Interlink Telecom Public Company Limited adhered to the mission and the vision of the Company, including all four core values that are the heart of driving sustainable business with business transparency and operational excellence.

The Company is committed to adhering to sustainable development policy on the basis of good corporate governance with responsibilities for the community, society, and environment. In 2021, the Company had determined the sustainable development goals in three main aspects: economic dimension, social dimension, and environmental dimension together with raising awareness of in all stakeholders and improving vulnerabilities on key corporate sustainability issues for continuous development and elevating the organization to be ready to drive towards the goals in 3 dimensions according to the Company’s intentions, namely, to conduct the business with good governance, social and environmental care as well as responding effectively to the expectations of all stakeholders.

Corporate Sustainability Management Policy

It was determined to promote the sustainability development of the business on the basis of creating shared value to all stakeholders, including business risk management by aiming to maintain the balance in the creation of value on economic, social, and environmental dimensions, in order to meet continuously the expectation of all stakeholders. The implementation of the sustainability development policy is the duties and responsibilities of the Board of Directors, executives, and employees in all levels of the Company.

The Company’s sustainability management policy focus on the development of value in 3 dimensions including.

  1. 1. Economic dimensions
    • Managing with good corporate governance, stretching as the cornerstone of corporate culture.
    • Anti-corruption of all forms.
    • Operating the company’s business for continuous and sustainable growth.
    • Aiming to create value for all stakeholders by setting the highest goals, not just only making a profit but also creates mutual benefits for all parties involved in the company’s business operations.
  2. 2. Social dimension
    • Keeping employee’s hygienic good occupational safety, including injury prevention measures lost in an accident and work-related illness.
    • Encouraging employees to have a good quality of life. Get development opportunities and has made progress in work equally.
    • Supporting the sustainable development of the community and society in all areas that the group of companies running a business.
    • Developing the company’s services that create value to meet the needs of customers and society.
    • Promoting the participation of the community in the development and the management of important projects
    • Human rights
  3. 3. Environmental dimensions
    • Conserving and using resources in a sustainable way to maintain a sustainable ecological balance.
    • Using energy efficiently and promote the use of renewable energy.
    • Preventing, controlling and reducing the environmental impact from the company’s operation.

Corporate Sustainability Management Goals

The Company determined to give value to social development and natural resources and environmental conservation by using a method of participation and communication with stakeholders in all levels regularly through meetings, activities, and developing social development projects in the operating area to achieve continuous and sustainability development.

The Company had developed a long-term strategic plan for social development projects by focusing on supporting the organizational growth; creating of value to the society and the community; building of trust and acceptance from the community and related stakeholders to ensure confidence, acceptance, and operational support that will benefit the organization and the society as a whole; and applying the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations in the corporate governance adhering to excellence operation and focusing on providing good quality services with highest safety standards and complying with the international standard, recognized by all stakeholders covering all 3 dimensions, as well as delivering values to stakeholders.

Sustainability Development Framework

The Company has established the sustainability framework of the organization, which is the framework used to determine the guidelines for sustainability operations. The sustainability framework is based on sustainability that has been focused on by the stakeholders as an important topic of sustainability to the organization, covering the economic, social, and environment (Environmental, Social, and Governance: ESG) dimensions through the scrutinizing process from the Company’s Executives with stakeholders in various aspects of sustainability to obtain the context of sustainability topic that can be incorporated into the core operations of the organization’s mission.. By recognizing the importance of sustainability development, the Company is determined to operate the business with the balance of 3 important elements: economy, society The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals have been adopted (UN SDGs) as a guideline for business operation.

Hence, the sustainability framework determined through the consideration and the approval from the top executives of the organization is used to formulate the 3-year sustainability roadmap, in which the plan will be reviewed regularly. The operational plan is enforced as an operational guideline for leading the organization to the sustainability development concretely. Details of the Company’s sustainable operation plan are as follows:

  1. 1. Be concentrated in a responsible telecommunication market leader
    • Upgrading network services that are responsible for economic and social dimensions
    • Creating customer satisfaction and recognition
    • Risk management
  2. 2. Operating business under the principles of good governance
    • Corporate governance
    • Compliance with good governance principles and fair customer service
    • Guidelines for designing new solutions or new operational processes
    • Anti corruption
    • Environmentally friendly supply chain
    • Responsibility to employees
  3. 3. Social creation and responsible environment
    • Strengthening the economy and inclusive access to technological
    • Encouragement a good living
    • Environmental impact management

From continue working on sustainability, the company has changed our thinking to Value Driven US Toward Further Sustainability by expanding the scope of thinking from originally just had an expert engineer worthy of trust into delivering sustainable business partner values. So, that is a main reason to the company still able to operate business to grow continuously and sustainably because we can make a profit and pass profits to create value for society and the environment that the company has involved. And ready to become a sustainable partner to deliver sustainable value through the value that organization and employees adhere such as: