The sales team of the company will offer service to customers directly by focusing on the telecommunication operators that need to expand the network.

In providing the service, the company will plan the project with the client to create the project to be in line with the overall plan. From the company is a service provider of telecommunication network installation with own fiber optic network cable currently, the company’s network covering an area of 75 provinces nationwide.

Therefore, the company has received the recognition and trust from the customers, both public and private sectors.

Strengths of Installation Services

  1. 1. Experience and expertise in telecommunication network installation From the company’s experience especially the installation of its own telecommunications network, it causes the company to understand the true customers needs. And it can design a telecommunication network system that can operate to maximize benefits for users. In addition, with expertise and experience, the company can proceed the installation quickly in a limited time with the standardized service quality.
  2. 2. Efffiificient cost management
    The company has its fiber optic network, which makes the company’s potential ready equipped with personnel and services equipment to customers. The company does not need additional investments in such areas, including staff training as well as in equipment and also helps the company manage human resources to maximize benefits and proceed with effective project cost management.
  3. 3. One stop service and consultation
    Provides complete telecommunication network installation services to customers beginning with consultation and network planning to match with different preference of each customer as well as project management related to telecommunication network installation. Furthermore, the company focuses on the importance of providing after-sales services, such as technical knowledge training to the client’ engineering team and the performance’s quality guarantee to build confidence for customers.